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Are you a leading woman based in a rural or regional location?

A business with a regional presence or investment footprint?

I help regional women in leadership love their work; and regional organisations grow and retain people.

Maree McPherson Services

Using a strengths-based, positive psychology framework, and Appreciative Inquiry techniques, I create customized programs that deal directly with the issues you face. Together, we will co-design programs.

While I don’t work exclusively with women, I have an intentional bias for seeing them succeed. Especially so in rural and regional Australia. And here’s why.

Regional economies prosper when women work, or develop their own businesses.

Thriving regional communities require women’s representation in the labour market, and in senior roles.


There are several factors at play in helping people women their work, and ultimately, life. These are:

  • a growth mindset

  • an internal locus of control

  • understanding their own values

  • perceptions of choices open to them

  • their preparedness to be visible.


What Do I Offer?

Executive Coaching

  • 6 & 12-month programs

  • Optional inclusion of Emotional Intelligence testing

‘Transforming Regional Teams’ Programs

  • 6 & 12-month programs

  • Stand alone, or incorporating individual 1:1 coaching and Emotional Intelligence testing.

Women’s Leadership Workshops

  • Full day for up to 30 participants & more intensive master class programs for smaller groups

Professional Mentoring

  • 3 & 6-month programs

  • *Bespoke programs can be designed specifically for your organisation


Services Guide

Maree McPherson Services and Capabilities Guide

The 2019-20 Services and Capabilities Guide outlines why I do what I do, why I love it so much, and who I like to work with, I reckon it’s only fair that you know these things up front, so you can make an informed decision about whether I might be someone you can connect with.