What People Say About Working With Me

“Maree’s coaching style is very supportive, calm and friendly. I felt very quickly at ease with Maree and it was easy to be completely open with her throughout the coaching program. Maree listened to me, she didn’t judge me and she gave me encouragement to recognise my achievements. I am very grateful to Maree and recommend her.”

Evelyn Newby, Director, Clinical Project Management,
IQVIA Singapore



“Maree worked with myself as CEO and our executive team during a period of growth and challenges for our organisation. We benefited greatly from Maree’s ability to prompt, guide, challenge, and inspire. We are personally and organisationally much stronger due to Maree’s coaching. We engaged her again after a restructure, and she continues to work with us.”

Marianne Shearer, former Chief Executive,
Gippsland Primary Health Network



“Bank Australia engages Maree in various roles including coach, mentor, and facilitator. Most recently Maree has been working with some of our amazing women at the bank helping them achieve both their professional as well as personal goals in life. What can I tell you about Maree that I think you need to know? She’s savvy and grounded, full of integrity and has a strong social conscience. She’ll call a spade a spade and you’ll always know exactly where you stand with her. Oh, and she’s also one of the most resilient people I know. Importantly Maree will listen to you, which means chances are she’ll design a bespoke solution to whatever you need. In other words, she’s far more ‘hands on’ and way less ‘off the shelf’, something I look for when engaging anyone to come into our business to provide a service. All this means our bank easily works with Maree. She’s not pretentious; she is results driven, gets the job done with a minimum of fuss and always delivers us value. Personally, I rarely offer these kinds of endorsements but on this occasion, I’m pleased to make an exception.

Rowan Dowland, Chief Strategy Officer,
Bank Australia



“I was part of a workplace program for new leaders, which Maree McPherson designed and facilitated. At the start of the program, I considered my leadership skills to be fairly limited and in need of some direction. What I noticed throughout the program with Maree was that the focused subject matter, when combined with the informal facilitation, engendered genuine and meaningful conversation between participants.

At the conclusion of the 6-month program, I felt I had gained an appreciation and understanding of the leadership skills that I actually had – but just didn’t realise it, and those that I needed, in order to improve. Learning these things means I am now better equipped to lead my team in a way that engenders trust, confidence and respect between us all, but more importantly, makes me feel like an effective leader.”

Barry Hearsey, Coordinator Strategic Planning,
Wellington Shire Council