How to Make Flight Delays Suck Less

You know that flight delays suck. You also know that airport lounges, when crowded, really suck.

You can get mad, anxious, tetchy, antagonistic. So can other people! It’s a breeding ground for poor communication if ever there was one.

Yet, there are other choices. There's a reframe.

Recently, I was caught up in a series of flight delays. This was due to high winds, and only one functioning runway at my destination. I could have chosen frustration. Especially given the delays pushed back a further three times that night.

However, in the airline lounge, I sat, ate a meal, drank good coffee, and charged my devices. I got a truck load of work finished too.

I communicated with my team about priorities for the week. I called home. I even did some online shopping! (Yes, that’s one of the risks.)

Choosing a gratitude mindset made a big difference to my night. I don't always manage this so well - but on this occasion, it worked.

According to Joel Wong and Joshua Brown, in research published by the Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkeley, “gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions.”

Thinking about all the things I could do, instead of the one thing I couldn't, was helpful. It lifted my spirits and ensured I eventually flew off in a state of calm.

I was safe, warm, fed, and connected. While it would have been nice to be on time, my life felt pretty good. A great example of a first world problem.

So, my call to action for you this fortnight - what's the reframe you need to make right now?

How could a gratitude mindset turn your week around?

Grow well.

Lacey Yeomans