Six Things You'll Notice When You're Blooming at Work

When we reach the blooming state in our work, we are in the sweet spot.

It doesn't get much better.

We are quite literally at peak performance - like the Best In Show floral display. The Blue Ribbon.

Blooming is the place to be.  

  • When we are Blooming, we notice these things, about ourselves.

  • We keep growing, and we seek out the things that stretch us,

  • We stay curious and interested in the views of others, and our own responses,

  • We look for ongoing stimulus for ourselves and for others,

  • We bring optimism to the table, and we welcome change,

  • We experience frequent satisfaction in work, and

  • We master our job - stepping in and owning the role.

Last week, I had a delightful note from a coaching client. She is someone who has moved through each stage in the past eight months. 

At times, she has been very hard on herself. She has questioned her skills, and her leadership style. She has been through some tough times at the office.

This is her summary of how she feels right now - and I'd call it Blooming.

"I am a much better version of myself, both in the workplace and at home...I have let go of past hurts and moved forward. I am happier in myself in all aspects of my life. I have learnt to make choices, considered choices. I am comfortable being uncomfortable...I no longer assume what others are thinking. I am braver, I ask for feedback and question decisions - both mine and others."

My heart swells with joy for her. So much learning. So much growth. Her curiosity and interest in other people, and what's driving them, shines through. 

She is optimistic for the future, positioning for her next step up in the organisation. Work is a good place, and she is owning it. 

What's more, she isn't the only person to notice the shift.

Her manager told me that she too is seeing a significant change in my client. A new ability to self-reflect, and to assess situations with increased objectivity. Waiting to see what other people need from her, before leaping into action. Not assuming what has worked once will always work.

As Brene Brown says in Dare to Lead,  “choose courage over comfort”. 

In fact, I'd go as far as to say we can't Bloom unless we do this.

My client is truly brave. She has done the work. And it has paid off in spades.

Let's celebrate her in full bloom. Best In Show.

Lacey Yeomans