Cutting Through the Grass Ceiling

Cutting Through the Grass Ceiling

I am the author of Cutting Through the Grass Ceiling – Women Creating Possibility in Regional Australia published in 2017.

Women’s participation in the regional labour market adds value to our economy.

Yet, many women are prevented from taking leadership opportunities or they lack confidence to put themselves forward. The future of our growing economy depends on gender equity, and in empowering women to have choices.

Cutting Through The Grass Ceiling teaches women how to change their mindset, gain control of their decisions, better understand their values and become visible in their careers.

In this book, you will read about regional women who have cut through the grass ceiling. These women lifted and supported other women. They advocated for change, and they moved themselves forward by making clear decisions and holding themselves accountable.

Real change occurs when women explore outside the small pond. This is where they live fulfilled lives.

Are you ready to cut through?